Saturday, February 2, 2008

Chevrolet Impala Magazine Ad

ACCELERATOR. I bet not many of you ad collectors have this Chevy ad. Not even a picture of the car. I had the idea and wrote the headline if you can call it a headline. But the whole thing really does work together and makes the kind of statement Chevrolet needed to make about the Impala in the buff books at the time. Ads like this were never requested by anyone at Chevrolet or anyone in our account group. When an ad like this happens it is kind of a surprise to everyone and a lot of fun. I didn't write the copy and I can't remember if David E. Davis Jr. or Ray Clark wrote it but ,for sure, it was one of them. We had the kind of relationship with each other that allowed us to work together in complete harmony. We didn't care where good ideas came from and that's the way it should be. Working with those guys was as much fun as I ever had in the business and the ads we produced as David E. liked to say- blew the socks off everybody. David E. Davis Jr. is still working but not in the ad business. Many of you may know him as the creator of AUTOMOBILE MAGAZINE but he has moved on from that and has created a really outstanding new magazine called WINDING ROAD. You can't buy it but you can get it for FREE. It is on the internet--just google WINDING ROAD and follow the sign-up instructions. I especially like hearing David read his editorials.

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