Saturday, February 9, 2008

'63 Chevrolet SS Newspaper Campaign

NOW SEE WHAT'S NEW AT YOUR CHEVROLET DEALERS----CORVAIR MONZA SPYDER. I still remember in some detail making this ad. It was sometime after the office had closed and I could get a little time on the board without interruption. I was never real good about calling home to say I was going to be late but I have a very understanding wife, even to this day. In fact we still have dinner late as a result of all the times I didn't get home until very late. I had all the copy I needed with the mandated theme line and our big SS logo. The Spyder was such an interesting car. Not only was it a Corvair,one of the most innovative cars GM has ever produced, but it was a super Corvair. We had given it plenty of on the road exposure in the four car ads so I wanted to show what mace it work. I was never very good at drawing [no computers in those days so we did it all by hand] and it took some time to get it all rendered. Then I used a big sheet of stuff called Zip-A Tone to show the color just as you see it now. I don't remember who I asked to fill in the blocks of copy.

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