Friday, February 22, 2008

'65 Chevelle-See the USA The No. 1 Way - Newspaper Campaign

CHEVELLE--AMERICA'S MOST POPULAR INTERMEDIATE--SIZE CAR WITH AMERICA'S MOST POPULAR 6-CYLINDER ENGINE. The line at the bottom of the page reads---Red Hot and Rolling! and then lists the all the cars except Corvette. The line was meant to support the dealers. The whole campaign was to support the dealers. The guy with the letter sweater getting a kiss from his girl friend plays to the HERO part of the picture and gives us that little bit of Chevy warmth we try for on all our ads. I think this may be the only ad in the series I didn't do. Gerry Edmison was probably the art director and I think Bill Grarfen wrote the copy. The car looks very good but I have no idea who the artist was.

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