Wednesday, February 20, 2008

1960 Corvette Dealer Poster

CHECKPOINT FOR FUN. This picture was made at the same time that Warren Winstanley and I made the 5 Corvette picture for the cover of the 1960 direct mail brochure shown farther back in the blog. To make the other picture we had to be high up in order to get the five cars all in a row like they were charging the camera. We were on the big parking lot at the Detroit Metropolitan Beach and Warren had this very high platform constructed with some boards thrown across the top for a platform. It was frightening up there because it wobbled a lot. This was the kind of platform you see painters using but for them it is up close to a building. We had planned to make a checkpoint situation photo at another location after the five car shot so I had the fellow in our paste-up room make the check point sign, the number for the car, and other things we might use. When I saw the shadow the platform cast on the pavement I asked the guys on the ground to bring one of the two white Corvettes close to the platform and after moving it around a little I told Warren we would make our check point picture right here. What fun! The guy holding the check point sign is the one who made it and the fellow behind the wheel is Warren's assistant. I even got into the picture-sort of. The shadow you see of the guy with both hands in the air is me and that's Warren next to me. If you happen to have this poster, you have something very valuable. I have only one and it is framed along with the other three  in a little office I keep in Boyne City, Michigan.

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