Thursday, February 14, 2008

'64 Chevrolet Trade and Travel Time Promotion

IF YOU THOUGHT CHEVY II WAS THRIFTY BEFORE, YOU SHOULD SEE YOUR CHEVY DEALER NOW  This is a wonderful piece of art. It does everything you could ask for a Chevy ad. It plays well to the "Trade and Travel Time" theme with the Dad having taken his son fishing. The wagon shows well, and that's the kind of Chevy a young family might want. And, the little bit of warmth we always try to provide is especially good. The art was done by one of our very best artists--Jim Jackson. The way he was able to illustrate people was truly outstanding especially when you consider it was all done in line. What that means is that there was no painting done as you might understand it for an illustration. Rather it is all done with pen and ink one line at a time. The color and half-tone was added at a later stage. The reason for using this technique was to make sure the ad looked good when it ran in the newspapers. Back then, newspapers couldn't print as precisely as they do today. In using two colors like this ad does, the press often tended to get out of register. When that happened the black plate, that is the line drawing, was so strong that the picture still looked pretty good. We were very fortunate to have several artists in Detroit and on the West Coast that could do this. Ford would occasionally illustrate a newspaper using our method but it always ended up looking like a Chevy ad.

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