Friday, February 15, 2008

'64 Chevrolet Trade and Travel Time Promotion

CHEVELLE BY CHEVROLET--HOW TO MAKE YOUR VACATION FLY BY...AND LIKE IT! Most of the ads in this newspaper promotion were done by artists using our two perspective illustration technique that is explained in some detail in other ads. This is one that did the same thing with photography. The idea was to show the Chevelle in a dramatic situation. You are looking at two photographs stripped together. The car and the road directly behind it is one photo and the ocean background is the other photo. It looks like it could have been a real location with a very steep hill coming up from the ocean. With todays computers stuff like this would be a piece of cake. Getting the color on the sheet metal of the car was somewhat of a problem too. I am not sure that the photography was an improvement over the art but at the time the realism photography offered was on the rise. The days of illustrators were numbered but hardly anybody saw it.

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