Wednesday, February 13, 2008

'64 Chevrolet Chevelle Magazine Ad

ONLY A CAR LIKE THIS COULD COME BETWEEN CHEVROLET AND CHEVY II. What a good headline to position the new mid-size car in the Chevy stable of great cars. I wish I could remember who wrote the line-could have been Bill Graefen. I think the art director was Art Obrosey. Art had just joined us after winning a bunch of awards at McMannus, John, and Adams. And what a big helper he turned out to be. A very fine, pipe smoking, art director that stayed with us until he retired. The photographer was probably George Kaywamoto. Don't know if I got that spelled right or not. George is Japanese and his parents spent World War II in a camp somewhere out west but he was as all American as they come. A fine talent and fun to work with. The situation behind the car is typical of what we always tried to do in Chevy ads. Have a little fun and keep Chevy human and as friendly as your next door neighbor. I don't have the information as to where the ad ran but it had lots of exposure.

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant work. I really like your ads.