Friday, February 15, 2008

'64 Chevrolet Trade and Travel Time Promotion

CORVAIR BY CHEVROLET--YOU'LL LOVE THE WAY IT CLIMBS, CLINGS, AND ANSWERS YOUR COMMANDS. Corvair owners will love seeing this and other Corvair newspaper ads. And, there are a ton of Corvair owners still driving their favorite car today. They have their own magazine "CORSA COMMUNIQUE" and they publish about every month. It is a first rate owners magazine and you can subscribe to it if you are interested in what some believe is the most innovative car produced by General Motors. I wish I could remember who did the art for this. It is a really great illustration. Could it have been Charles Shridde or maybe Jim Jackson? Jim isn't with us anymore but Charley is still painting for fun and profit. If you see this Charley, please contact me--I need help letting folks know who did what. 

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