Wednesday, February 20, 2008

1961 Corvette Dealer Poster

CORVETTE FOR '61   This in- dealership poster was shot at the General Motors Proving Ground in Milford, Michigan. The Corvette was a prototype but had all the running gear to make it move. The new rear styling was what was important for the way it looked. We were at the proving grounds for security reasons. Actually the proving grounds are huge and there are plenty of places to make pictures that look like somewhere else. Just getting into the place took more time and effort than making a picture. You had to have one of our clients request that you be allowed on the grounds. Once the President of GM gave his approval--only kidding--somebody put your name on a list that found it's way to the Proving Ground entrance where you and your photographer had to wait until you proved you were you. After a while someone came to lead you to the area where you could take your picture. No looking around at other secret stuff that was going on. And once the camera is uncovered be sure to point it your Corvette and nothing else. Warren Winstanley shot the picture. I was still in the sales promotion group at Campbell-Ewald when we did this and so far as I know this was the last poster done for dealers for many years.

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