Saturday, February 23, 2008

'66 Chevrolet Caprice Hardtop Magazine Ad

THE CHEVROLET "CONVERTIBLE" THAT DOESN'T CONVERT. This is an ad with the art direction by Roy Jackson. I wish I had the Life magazine spread version to show you. it was really something. The young lady is really something too. Roy was very good at getting the best out of photographers for this kind of ad. I don't remember, for sure, who he used. Maybe Dennis Gripentrog or Guy Morrison or Mickey Mc Guire. I sure wish I knew. If you are still out there Roy, please let me know. This was another ad in the Chevrolet Way campaign. I don't remember who wrote the copy but if I can make a connection with some of the people who were there at the time I'll come back and fill in the information. A pretty nifty way to demonstrate the new convertible look of the Caprice hardtop. The original headline for this was--The top on this Chevrolet " convertible" doesn't go down. After our account group and the client saw the picture they requested a new headline.


Larry said...

Hrllo Jim,
I am editor of Americas Corvette Club newsletter. We are Michigan's largest Corvette club. I think our members would be interested in learning about your Corvette ads. I would like you permission to use some of your comments. Please contact me. Larry

Anonymous said...

This is Roy Jackson and I am still out here. Bob Hill told me about this site. I am in the final stages of rigging a Murray Peterson Schooner that Dee and I have spent 31 years building. You can see the boat and contact us through the website:
Would love to catch up and fill you in on some of the missing info about our ads.
Talk soon! Roy

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