Wednesday, August 6, 2008

'55 Chevrolet Newspaper Ad

Doug MacIntosh was the art director on this ad and Warren Winstanley was the photographer. At the time Warren worked for Cle Clark who was one of the pioneer car photographers in Detroit. Mickey McGuire also worked for Cle Clark and would go on to establish Boulevard Photographic with Jimmy Northmore. Jim Hastings was the agency head art director at the time and was in the process of creating an art style for Chevy that would last for years. Why this ad and several others were illustrated with photography rather than art I do not know as I didn't start at Campbell- Ewald until Jan. of 1958. My guess is that Doug MacIntosh was pushing for photography and was one of the best art directors Hastings had at the time. Doug was helpful in getting me an interview with Jim Hastings. We had worked together at Kenyon and Eckhardt on the Lincoln - Mercury business. Chevrolet really had in all going with the great looks and hot performance of this new car. This headline said it all.