Friday, February 15, 2008

1956 Chevrolet Leadership Ad

MORE PEOPLE NAMED JONES*   OWN CHEVROLET'S THAN ANY OTHER CAR ! And then a small line you may not be able to see (Are you keeping up with the Joneses ?) The copy goes on to say * Of course we haven't actually counted all the Joneses but---and the copy makes the case for seeing your Chevy dealer. This was a very charming ad that was done before I got to Campbell-Ewald, the Chevrolet advertising agency. I don't know who wrote the copy or who did the art direction but the art was done by Austin Briggs who was a very famous artist back then. If you Google his name today you can see some of his work. I don't know if he is still with us or not. I think Jim Hastings, the guy that hired me, or Halsey Davidson who came before Hastings started using Austin. Over the years he did lots of Chevy ads. The warmth the illustration brings to this leadership ad makes it about as good as it gets.

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