Tuesday, February 19, 2008

'65 Corvette Magazine Ad

CUBIC INCHES, THAT IS. WE'RE READY IF YOU ARE.  Part of the headline in the photograph? Yes, and what a nifty way to get you from the picture to Bruce Mc Call's copy. A big new engine in Corvette is always news. Corvette sure has been making big news with it's engines lately. Makes a 396 look kind of small but back then it was something to think about and buy. I have a 1966 Corvette roadster with a 427 in it and when I drive it I am reminded of these days and how much fun it was. Roy Jackson was the art director. Read the copy-it's good. Not too long after Bruce did the copy for this and other Chevy ads he left us to write a great string of Mercedes-Benz ads. All our competitors read our ads and often made offers for our people that moved them. This ad ran in the June, 1965 issue of Car and Driver and Road and Track.

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