Tuesday, February 26, 2008

'66 Caprice in-- The Chevrolet Way-- Newspaper Campaign

THIS LUXURIOUS CHEVROLET MAKES SOME PEOPLE UNCOMFORTABLE. ( People who sell high-priced luxury cars ) And then farther down on the page--ELEGANCE THE CHEVROLET WAY. Only a small picture of the car but a very large look at the new roof line with the convertible like covering. The lady looks pretty good too. Then a good look at all the stuff you could get on a Chevy that you thought you would find on something that cost twice as much, like a Caddy. Our Chevrolet clients were delighted when some Chevrolets began to take on the characteristics of the more expensive GM cars. Communications like this made them very happy. These ads were very visible in the newspapers of the day and continued to be an important part of selling Chevrolets. TV had become very important too. Bill Graefen probably did the copy. Gerry Edmison probably did the layout. Wish I could remember more.

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Brent Fullard said...

Very "sophisto"....in keeping with the image that top of the line Caprice was trying to conjure in the minds of the public.