Wednesday, February 13, 2008

'64 Chevrolet Impala Magazine Ad

THE '64 LUXURY CHEVROLET WITH THE JET -SMOOTH RIDE. LOOKS LIKE THIS -- FEELS LIKE THIS. Jet-Smooth ride had been a theme for the big Chevrolet for some time and was to be emphasized. I think Ted Little, the Campbell-Ewald Chairman came up with the line a couple of years earlier. Ted [we called him "Big Daddy" but to his face he was Mr. Little] had been a copy writer of some note and often gave specific direction for the ads. I had made a layout for this before we went on location in Colorado Springs for an experimental shoot so it was one thing we knew we were going to do and we could be prepared. Warren Winstanley took the picture and it was no simple matter. In reality the car on the right never left the ground. We worked on a big parking lot that had no marked parking spaces and were able to put the stripes on the road as you see it now. Two separate pictures were made of the same car and if you look real close you will see that the same people are in both cars. The lady in the car in the air is looking down at herself in the other car. Warren figured out how to make the perspective work so that I could later have a print made that put the two pictures together. With the computers used today this would have been no problem.

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