Saturday, February 9, 2008

'63 Chevrolet SS Newspaper Campaign

EENY MEENY MINY GO CHEVROLET is the headline and the car names close by identify the great choice of performance that is available. NOW SEE ALL THAT'S NEW AT YOUR CHEVROLET DEALERS is the line that ran in all the ads as a kind of sub theme to the big SS symbol. I was a little surprised that we were able to sell this ad with all overhead views of the cars but it went flying through. I wish i could name all the great artists that worked on these ads and others but they all kind of run together. Bill Graefen had joined us by this time and was my right hand guy for copy. I have forgotten which ads he wrote -perhaps all. And it goes without saying I couldn't have gotten all these done without a lot of help. I do remember spending some pretty late evenings smoking cigarets-sometimes two at a time while doing these. It may sound like work to you but it may be the most fun you can have and get paid for doing it.

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