Saturday, February 9, 2008

'63 Chevrolet SS Newspaper Campaign-Art By Charles Schridde

ESCAPE ARTIST.  Finally an ad where I am sure of the artist. His name is Charles Schridde but back when he did the art for this ad we all called him Charley. I still call him Charley when we are lucky enough to be in contact with each other. Charles lives in California now and I am headquartered in Michigan. I'll call him Charles because if you would like to see him and the paintings he is doing now you can do it. Just Google Charles Schridde and you will be able to choose among several places to visit. He was a terrific artist back when he did this ad and he is a terrific artist now painting for fun and profit. To see how good he is today just price some of his paintings. I wish I could afford one. I did buy one a few years ago when he was painting mostly rodeo subject matter. He sent me one of his promotional brochures and in it there was a self portrait. I am not much interested in rodeo subject matter but I called him and said I would buy his self portrait  if it was for sale. It was and now it occupies a favored place in our home in Michigan. We are in the Florida Keys now--a great place called Islamorada that is on the island of Upper Matecumbe. Our son Jim owns a place here called Pines and Palms Resort. It is just down the beach from us on the ocean side and a great place to sun your self for a few days or weeks. He keeps it so clean even his Mother would stay there. It is a gathering of cottages very much in the tradition of the Keys. I don't remember who did the copy but I think Gerry Edmison did the layout. 

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