Friday, February 15, 2008

'64 Chevrolet Trade "N" Travel Time

FIVE BEAUTIFUL BUYS AND ONE GREAT PLACE TO BUY  [NOW at your Chevrolet dealer's]  This was the first ad in a two month newspaper promotion for Chevrolet. The other ads in the program follow. At the time, newspaper ads were where Chevrolet spent the greatest part of their budget. Other materials such as dealer window trim and dealer ads were used to support the promotion. Dealers were given advance notice of what was coming and encouraged to support the event by spending some of their own money. And they did. The "N" in the Trade "N" Travel Time allowed for the dealer theme of TNT deals NOW. Kind of corny but it worked. This was the second year for the promotion and we designed a new theme logo using a national road sign rather than the suitcase used the year before. Collectors most likely do not have any of these ads because very few old newspapers were saved. Most were thrown away as they were yesterdays news. I thought those of you interested in old Chevy ads might like to see them. I'll get back to magazine ads you might have soon.

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Ladd said...

I love them and have this and many other Corvette newspaper ads, but they are hard to find.