Tuesday, February 5, 2008

'63 Chevrolet 4 Page Announcement Ad Page 4

When I got up to show our single campaign there was a stack of ads that had been shown that was almost as high as my waist. I started with a large board that had nothing on it but a big Chevy logo and the word GO. This helped me explain the GO concept before I showed the ads. The cars were to be shown in a heroic way but always in motion and all the ads would be tied together with a similar look at least for the announcement period. Then I showed the full size newspaper ad and all the rest. When I got it all explained and displayed it was very impressive. It was a tight knit campaign and it looked like it too. Big Daddy said something like OK guys that's it lets go home and got up and left. I'll never forget Jim Hastings and Pete Booth with big smiles and abundant congratulations for a job well done. All four of us were moved from the E & D group to the regular creative group and four other guys were moved to the E&D group. We were on our way. But--there often seems to be a but when you are making ads. Big Daddy decided a few weeks later that the campaign needed something more so he added IT"S EXCITING. Maybe it was my fault for not getting enough excitement or something into the ads sooner. It is was very difficult for very young art director to disagree with the chairman so we did the best we could to make it work. The art was done by several of the artists we worked for this style of art. I think Jose Calvillo may have done the first page illustration but I'm not sure. Artists we used were Charley Schridde, Jim Jackson, Jack Mills and Harry Borgman in Detroit plus others from studios like Ferd Prucher, McNamara, LaDrier, New Center and Art Staff. We also had several artists we used on the west coast.It would be nearly impossible to find a newspaper example of this ad but the magazine version appeared in all the major magazines on September of 1963


bubba said...

hi. man these are wonderful. as a pup, i remember seeing these cars, spankin new. i now own 2 corvairs, 1965 monza, 65 500. thanx jim, keep it up.

Jim said...

Thanks--I had a 1963 Spyder Convertible. It was a great car and I wish i still had it. But for fun I have a 1966 Corvette 427. I have had it for a long time and I am amazed at what it is worth now. I think eventually Corvairs will reach a much greater value too. I plan to put a lot more stuff on the blog so stop in now and then.