Saturday, February 23, 2008

'66 Corvette Magazine Ad

THE DAY SHE FLEW THE COUPE  Roy Jackson, the art director on this ad, could always be counted upon to get very sexy looking women in his ads. This particular ad copy required it and Roy came through. You need to see this ad in color, the way it ran, to get the best feeling for the girl eating a peach. The ad would have been better if the Corvette had been shown from the rear to make sure you knew she was driving a coupe. Then too we had a pretty good size problem because the car had the wrong hood for the 425-hp engine the copy mentioned. A rear view probably would have taken care of that. I don't know how we managed to screw up but we did. There are many departments at the agency and at Chevrolet  that look at ads before they get sent off for publication. The ad ran in the March 5, 1966 issue of New Yorker.

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