Tuesday, February 5, 2008

'63 Chevrolet 4 Page Announcement Ad Page 2 & 3

We made a full size four page newspaper layout in color and then reduced it to a four page magazine ad so we could show both. Then we made outdoor boards for Impala,Chevy II, Corvair, and Corvette. The Corvette board is the only one I can show you now. Then we made several follow up ads to show how we could extend the campaign. It was very impressive when you got it all up together in a conference room. There was a big internal meeting with the Campbell-Ewald Chairman Ted Little and all the account brass plus our bosses Pete Booth and Jim Hastings. Everybody called Mr. Little "Big Daddy" but never to his face. The meeting lasted from 1PM to almost 5PM and the regular Chevy group took up nearly all the time while they presented and discussed a dozen or so campaign ideas. Some were liked and some dismissed but nobody was jumping up and down. Our turn finally came after I thought everybody looked pretty tired of looking at stuff.

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