Friday, February 8, 2008

'63 Corvette Magazine

ADHESIVE TYPE. Copy by David E. Davis Jr. and photography by Warren Winstanley. This was the last ad in the enthusiast campaign for 1963. We didn't make it rain for this one. Mother Nature took care of that. Sometimes you have to make do with a situation no matter what and that is what was done here. If you are a little lucky you come up with a picture even better than what you were going to make. And, the client didn't mind seeing the car wet. Making Corvette ads was great fun but by the time we finished this bunch I had been promoted to run the Chevrolet Passenger Car group in the agency. Now I had about 25 writers and art directors reporting to me and I was supposed to get good work out of them. That meant that if I was going to make ads myself I would have to do most of the work after quitting time. And I didn't want to stop making the stuff. These were odd times in agencies. The copy writers and the art directors were not together. We were all on the fourth floor of the GM building on West Grand Boulevard in Detroit but not close to one another. The art guys were in what everybody called the Submarine and the copy guys were around the corner and down the hall. It was called the Submarine because there were no windows you could see out of and the office cubicles were made of metal and painted a light green. Little or no communication between art directors and copy writers. The copy guys ususlly got the ad requests and put something down on yellow paper and sent it to the art directors for a layout . Not the way Ray Clark, David E. and I were used to working. Things would have to change. This ad ran in the May issue of Road and Track and Sports Car. And in the June issue of Car and Driver.

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