Saturday, February 23, 2008

'66 Corvette Magazine Ad

JUST STARTING IT MAKES YOUR STOMACH MUSCLES TIGHTEN. I think it makes even more than that tighten. When I get behind the wheel of mine it takes me back to my youth or whatever that was in 1966. I still remember the first ride I had in a 427 roadster. It was at the Mesa, GM Proving Grounds. David E. Davis Jr. and I were there to look for locations for an upcoming photography shoot and David knew some of the guys that had charge of the prototype cars. This would have been in 1965 before the new Corvette went on the market. They agreed to let us take an "experimental" ride around the track which was one great big oval with other roads in the center. David has always known how to drive and drive fast. He said " come on Bernardin lets go" And go we did. It wasn't just going fast around the oval ( flat out in a 427 Corvette is exciting) it was when he said something like "lets get off this freeway and see what this thing can really do". We did and I didn't know a Corvette could do things like that. We came to a stop at some intersection out there after doing a 180 with the tires smoking. It was kind of like what you see on TV today when race drivers win and celebrate by spinning their car and making a lot of smoke. Nobody said anything about it. I guess they knew David from his magazine days. Best and most memorable ride I have ever had in a Corvette. Thanks for the memory David E. 

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