Friday, February 8, 2008

'63 Corvette Magazine

MOST WOMEN THINK A CORVETTE'S IMPRACTICAL UNTIL....THEY SIT IN IT.....DRIVE IT.....PARK IT.....AND THEN YOU PRACTICALLY CAN'T GET THEM OUT OF IT. I hardly remember this ad. I am sure Bruce McCall did the copy and Roy Jackson did the art direction. The ad is directed to women and I never felt comfortable with doing that for Corvette or other cars for that matter. If you present the car for what it is and what it can do for you I think people interested in those attributes will respond weather they are male or female. You might run an ad in women's magazines and reach them easier than in some more general magazines. I am reminded of what an interesting guy Bruce MsCall turned out to be. He could draw better than nearly every art guy in the place including me. When he did a writers rough on what we called yellows [because of the tons of yellow paper pads we used] it had the illustration pretty well worked out. I remember one time when Roy Jackson came into my office with Bruce's yellow, held it up for me to see, and said "what am I supposed to do with this"! I said to him "if it was me I would put a matte on it and turn it in". Bruce used to scoot way down in his chair when he was writing. His head was nearly even with his typewriter and the ash on his cigarette grew about as long as the cigarette before it fell on to his shirt. We all smoked in those days and I would do it now except--well you know. This ad ran in Town and Country magazine and others in July.

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