Monday, February 25, 2008

'66 Caprice in-- The Chevrolet Way-- Newspaper Campaign

YOU TRY TO PLEASE EVERYONE AND WHAT HAPPENS?  MORE PEOPLE BUY YOUR CARS. And at the bottom--ONE STOP SHOPPING THE CHEVROLET WAY. Very straight ahead presentation of all the Chevrolet products. The cars are beautifully rendered but we didn't get the little something extra in the ad that helped Chevrolet continue to be America's car. One Stop Shopping is a theme that ran through much of Chevrolet advertising back then. Another contribution by our Chairman, Ted Little. It was true, that you could stop in at your Chevy dealers and see everything from a sports car to a luxury car. Chevrolet was becoming a little General Motors within GM. Our Chevrolet clients loved the way the styling guys were getting the Caprice to take on some of the characteristics of Cadillac. The Chevy selling proposition had always been more car for the money and now it included a real selection when you went to your dealer.

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