Friday, February 15, 2008

'64 Chevrolet Trade and Travel Time Promotion

JET- SMOOTH LUXURY CHEVROLET --- MAKES CROOKED ROADS FEEL LIKE GOING STRAIGHT. Warren Winstanley was the photographer on this ad and the Chevelle ad that follows. Warren and I went to California to see if we could make photographic ads with the same road drama that we had been getting with art. Photography was becoming more important because of the realism it presented and I thought we could put together very dramatic road situations using the same thinking the artists used to make their illustrations. That was a matter of using two perspectives in a picture. One for the car and one for the background. This is a good example of what could be done. We got three ads out of the trip. This one, the Chevelle ad below, and the Impala magazine ad farther down in the blog. 

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