Sunday, February 24, 2008

'66 Chevy II Magazine Ad ( and how the car got it's name )

WE'VE DONE FOR THE ECONOMY CAR WHAT CINDERELLA'S FRIEND DID FOR THE PUMPKIN. Chevy II-Styled the Chevrolet Way was the sign off line. For One of Chevrolet's lower pricer offerings the Chevy II really was a kind of breakthrough. Interiors had not been a big Chevrolet strength. An interesting thing about the Chevy II name. Ted Little, Chairman of Campbell-Ewald and known to those at my level as "Big Daddy", was the one who named the car. I remember being called to his office one afternoon along with others. There he had a large round tablecloth with a whole bunch of pencil writing on one part of it. He was all smiles as he announced that we could stop worrying about the name for the new Chevrolet that was soon to be introduced. He held up the big white tablecloth for us all to see the large penciled word Chevy II. He had been at lunch at the Recess Club, that was on the top floor of the Fisher Building on West Grand Boulevard in Detroit, with the top guys of Chevrolet and had sold them on the name of the car. He was so pleased with the event that he took the tablecloth with him as a trophy. That would have been OK with the Recess Club as Mr. Little had the same big table reserved every day. I wonder what ever happened to that tablecloth?

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