Tuesday, February 5, 2008

'63 Chevrolet 4 Page Announcement Ad Page 1

IT'S GO CHEVROLET FOR '63-EXCITING. This is a four page announcement ad for Chevrolet. The next pages are shown below. The ad ran in both newspapers and magazines and used the same art for both. I worked out the concept for the 1963 Chevrolet announcement that was about as simple as you could get--GO CHEVROLET! GO with all the gusto Chevrolet has to offer and GO CHEVROLET when you consider buying your next car. I had lots of help putting the campaign together from Gerry Edmison, my assistant art director, and from Ray Clark and David E. Davis Jr. on the copy. But the graphics is what really sold the campaign. The four of us were in what was called the Experimental and Development group at the Campbell-Ewald Ad Agency and we were not even in the same building as the regular Chevy creative people that numbered about 35 or 40 art directors and copy writers. We were in the Stevenson building across the street and east of the GM building. We had been doing the ads for Corvair and Corvette. You can see some of that work a little farther down in the site. We were supposed to take a longer look at what the agency had been doing for Chevrolet and make suggestions about doing things in a different way. We hadn't had much success in making any breakthroughs. Most of the campaigns we came up with didn't get much farther than Pete Booth who was the creative director then. But this was our shot at the '63 announcement and we were going to make the most of it.

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