Saturday, February 9, 2008

'63 Chevrolet SS Newspaper Campaign

SKIP THE SULPHUR AND MOLASSES--GET A CHEVROLET SUPER SPORT. What a nice illustration and I don't remember, for sure, who did it. When I can get some help from some of the old guys that are still around, I'll come back with more information. Chevrolet was still involved with the Soap Box Derby when we did this ad and the ad reminded people of that as well as presenting the four cars. The Soap Box Derby was a great thing for young people and for Chevrolet. It was a national event with just about every city and town in the country participating. The kids built the cars to certain specifications and then raced them over a measured track in their home towns. The winners went on to the national championship race that was a really big event and attracted lots of Hollywood types, especially those in Chevrolet sponsored shows like My Three Sons.

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