Thursday, February 7, 2008

'63 Corvette Magazine

THE WINNAH--THE NEW CORVETTE STING RAY HAS WON THE COVETED CAR LIFE AWARD FOR ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE. We made part of the headline part of the picture in this ad that announced the first major award for the new Corvette. Warren Winstanley made the picture and David E. Davis wrote the copy. The picture was made near Detroit on a small road that Warren found. We put together the word WINNAH with big strips of white tape and then did the shooting with the car in motion. The camera car went ahead of the Corvette and both were moving at a good clip. That's what gives the word as well as the road the blurred look of movement. You can find this ad in issues of Road and Track, Car and Driver, Hot Rod, and Motor Trend for Feb. 1963. It also ran in Car Life and Sports Cad in March.

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