Saturday, February 23, 2008

'66 Corvette Magazine Ad

SOME PURISTS SNICKERED IN 1953 WHEN CHEVROLET BROUGHT OUT A FIBER GLASS SPORTS CAR WITH AN AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION. THEY'VE BEEN STRANGELY SILENT LATELY.  Another good ad by the team of Bruce Mc Call and Roy Jackson. The car is not pretty with all that water on it but still looks good and says the right thing in terms of performance. I don't remember if Roy shot this ad in California but if he did and he used the Corvette Coupe from our fleet in LA, that's the car I bought in late 1966. I wonder.  This ad was in the February, 1966 issue of Car and Driver, Sports Car, and Sports Car Graphic.


Dave Pool said...

Catch the last line in Bruce's copy! Given that this was 1966, this reads like a veiled reference to Jim Hall's Chaparrals.

Jim said...

Could be. At the time, I didn't ask.