Wednesday, February 27, 2008

'66 Chevrolet--Double Dividend Days--Newspaper Campaign

SHHH....DON'T TELL YOUR CHEVROLET DEALER IT ISN'T AUGUST. A fine idea for a sale ad by Bill Graefen and I kind of like my layout too. Back then all car dealers had year end sales in August because September was traditionally new car announcement month. And announcements were really something. People had been trained over many years to expect all car makers to have some kind of big program when the new cars came to market. Dealers did their part by using special window trim and maybe free hot dogs and a big balloon suspended above their place. So just before the event, in August, they tried to get rid of last years cars with some kind of sale. This event took place in the Spring of 1966. So the thought of your dealer thinking it was August worked very well. The car is really small for a full page ad  but you couldn't miss it when it ran. Getting attention for the event was the object.

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Brent Fullard said...

Ads like this were always effective in getting readers' attention...less is more!

Volkswagen was known for taking full advantage of these types of ads, with catchy visual appeal and often cheeky irreverent commentary