Tuesday, February 19, 2008

1965 Chevrolet Announcement Ad-8 Pages-Impala, Chevelle, Chevy II, and Corvair

BEAUTIFUL SHAPE FOR '65. That was the theme for the 1965 announcement and was the line leading into each of the large product names. Chevrolet was in beautiful shape . The cars all looked good and sales were pretty good too. Each car got a spread ( two pages ) to tell about what was new. The eight pages ran in all the major magazines and made quite a splash. The use of white space along with the very large product names was particularly effective. I'll post a couple examples of the outdoor boards that ran at the same time. They use the same big product names and heroic views of the cars. Looking back, I think the art for the outdoor is a little better than the photography in terms of product presentation. But photography was realistic and everyone was using it then. One interesting little thing is in the Chevy II ad. the fellow holding the twins is Larry Sheridan. Larry was an art director at Campbell-Ewald but not on the Chevy account and he looked right for the part. He also lived close by Warren Winstanley's studio on the East Side of the Detroit area. Warren shot all the illustrations at his studio. Even better, the little guy looking out from behind his Dad is my number two son Jim. I liked to use our boys whenever I could. It was fun for them and for me. When the ads ran they could brag about being in the magazines. Jim is all grown up now and is the one that suggested I get a blog like this started. He helps me when I do something dumb with it. He has a very nice resort here in the Florida Keys where we are now. A good place to stay if you are interested in this wonderful part of America. Look him up at www.pinesandpalms.com

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Anonymous said...

Jim, these are beautiful looking layouts.
Given that the name had to be so large, and there was a lot to work with, you have made them look delicious!
I have been working in ad industry as a writer and now creative director for 20 years now. And what I really love about these ads is the fact that great art direction never dates - even if the fashions in them do!

Richard Overall
Melbourne, Australia.