Wednesday, February 27, 2008

'66 Chevelle SS396 Magazine Ad

NEW CHEVELLE SS 396 : A TURBO-JET V8 SURROUNDED BY EVERYTHING YOU COULD ASK FOR. This is a very straight forward presentation of a great Chevy. A good look at a good looking car and what you get when you buy one. We would show you the sizzle in later ads once you understood what made it sizzle. Bill Graefen's copy and I did the rest. These cars are worth a ton today in good condition. I am so pleased to see so many being restored and still driven. I don't think any of us, at the time, realized what a real American prize this car would become.

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Chevy Dealers said...

Nice presentation but this is too old chevy and its best feature was its body design and still now its too popular in chevy market.
Chicago Chevrolet dealer