Friday, February 22, 2008

'65 Chevrolet Imrala--See The USA The No.1 Way--Newspaper Campaign

SUCCESS HASN'T GONE TO IT'S PRICE.  What a nice way to take some of the sting out of such a big claim on leadership. Chevrolet liked to talk about being No.1 but there are perhaps better ways to do it than this and some of those can be seen farther down in the blog. Impala was No.1 and there was no question about that. The car looks good and the lady with her little dog give us a human touch. When I sat down to do this ad I was trying to prove that there was nothing wrong with big type and I knew No.1 would be a crowd pleaser. Type is simply another design element in any ad. Some art directors handle it well and others don't understand it at all. The big type in this series of ads is used as part of the illustration as well as an important part of the communication. All things considered---especially the comments by Mr. Little, our Chairman, this campaign turned out OK.

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