Wednesday, February 20, 2008

1958 Corvette Dealer Poster

This is the first of what turned out to be a series of four Corvette posters sent to Chevrolet Dealers. One for each model year. I don't have the 1959 poster with me now but I'll include it soon. The car photo came from General Motors. A fellow named Myron Scott had a picture file of just about everything GM ever did and I went to his office to see if I could find something to use. I had been told by our account guy, Wally Overhardt, that there was no budget for new photography. This wasn't what I would have liked to have done but with the addition of some blue stripes and our new stencil lettering for Corvette I tried to make it a little like a racing poster. It's OK and if you happen to come across this one or any of the others you have a real Corvette treasure. When the Corvette Museum opened I sent these posters and a bunch of ads for their collection. I noted on the back of the posters that they were on loan and a couple of years ago I asked for them back. They had been on display there for several years and maybe that's were they belong but they were returned promptly. Thanks Corvette Museum. 

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