Wednesday, February 27, 2008

'66 Chevelle SS-396--Double Dividend Days--Newspaper Campaign

IF YOU WEREN'T STILL SITTING HERE READING....YOU COULD BE OUT TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE GREAT BUYS AT YOUR CHEVROLET  DEALER'S. And a nice little bit of copy that told about what you could get if you hurried on down to your dealer's. The illustration of the SS-396 is pretty small but this was not an ad about it. This was an ad about the sale. I think Gerry Edmison probably did the layout and I am not sure about the copy. Very nice execution for an ad of this kind and very visible in the papers.

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Brent Fullard said...

I guess the guy's hairline reveals everything you need to know about what demographic this ad was targeting!

Long haired hippy freaks need not apply (as the song goes)