Monday, February 18, 2008

'64 Chevrolet Corvette Magazine Ad

JUST A MINUTE!  I didn't do this Corvette ad but it still has a lot of what David E. Davis Jr. and I had been doing. I had Roy Jackson take over as art director and Bruce McCall was the new David E. Bruce had the same kind of background and certainly was a car enthusiast. David had moved on to become Editor of Car and Driver Magazine. It had been fun working with him and I became a regular reader of his magazine. Over the years I have enjoyed reading about things we talked about --stories he told and re-told. He has a great way with words and the stories continue to improve. You really should get a FREE subscription to his new magazine--WINDING ROAD--just Google it and follow the instructions. You can even hear him read his editorials if you choose. The car illustrations are especially good when you view them on the computer screen as opposed to the printed page. But back to this ad. I insisted Roy use our bald headed man again. He was getting to be a little like the man in the Hathaway shirt with the patch on his eye. Not nearly as visible, however. Look at the location. Way far away from Michigan. I had always prided myself on doing Corvette ads close to home. I think Roy and his photographer got out of town on this one. I don't remember if Warren Winstanley shot the picture but I don't think so. It could have been Guy Morrison or maybe Vern Hammarlund. Help somebody!    Look for this ad in  NEW YORKER- Dec. 14 1963 and SPORTS ILLUSTRATED - Dec. 9, 1963,

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