Thursday, February 7, 2008

'63 Corvette Magazine

LOOKS LIKE A SPORTS CAR...FEELS LIKE A SPORTS CAR...PERFORMS LIKE A SPORTS CAR....HOW COME IT'S A LUXURY CAR? This is a re-do of a picture we did for the buff books a couple of years before in black and white. The car view is different and so is the Corvette for that matter. The other ad line was MORE KICKS THAN A SACK FULL OF JACK RABITS and was for the '62 Corvette. Warren Winstanley shot the picture and used his Russian Wolfhound again as the passenger. The dog shows a little better here and it plays just fine with the concept for the ad. The model looks like he might own a big expensive dog and a Corvette. It's been years since I have thought of this stuff but the size of that dog has always stayed with me. He was intimidating to say the least. David E. Davis Jr. did the copy I think. It was about this time when he got an offer to edit Car and Driver Magazine and took it. I sure hated to see him go but we got a gem of a replacement in Bruce Mc Call. Bruce had the same kind of background as David E. having edited a Canadian buff book. I have always thought the Chevrolet account needed a person with a background like theirs. It didn't matter if they had never written an ad. It did matter that they could write and knew more about cars than just about anybody in the agency. Many of the creative writers and art directors in an agency have a feel for making good ads but would just as soon make ads for beer as for cars. I count myself on the side of the car nuts as I have been in love with them since I learned to drive back in--oh well back then. This ad can be found in the April 19, Sports Illustrated and April 22, New Yorker of 1963

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