Thursday, February 7, 2008

'63 Corvette Magazine

HAIRPIN STRAIGHTENER. Warren Winatanley, our photographer, and I went to the Waterford Michigan Race Track looking for a location to do an ad for Corvette handling. While the race track offered some interesting turns and road ways I didn't see an ad location that would give us the kind of drama we were looking for. There was one S curve that looked pretty good but not good enough. Warren always had his full compliment of long lenses with him when he went out to shoot with me, so we had a look at the turn with some of them. He made some Polaroid shots and that is when I began to see the road in a different way. We could do a series of pictures with the Corvette in different places on the curve and then I could piece them all together to make a different kind of round the turn picture. So what you see as one picture is really eight pictures stripped together. I think it worked pretty well. I still have the original art and the ad can be seen at the Corvette Museum in Tennessee. You can also see it in the April issues of Road and Track and Sports Car for 1963. It's in Car and Driver for March of that year too. Hard to find now but still out there and can be found if you are lucky. David E. Davis Jr. did the copy on this and all the Corvette ads down in the blog. The Jose Calvillo Art Studio put the final art together after I put together a photostat preliminary version.

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