Monday, February 18, 2008

'64 Corvair in the Great Highway Performers Series

HERE'S WHERE CORVAIR'S NEW HORSES FEEL THEIR OATS. The line under the car illustration that you may not be able to see says--[Nearly 19% greater power--for greater highway performance]. I remember doing this one. I had always had a soft spot for Corvair and at the time I was driving my '63 Spyder convertible. It wasn't red like this one. It was maroon with a black top and black interior. If we had had the capability to produce a good looking ad using my color I would have done it. My Corvair would really go and I admit I was too chicken to find out just how great a highway performer it was. I can tell you this, I came close to the end of what was on the speedometer. I thought the Corvette added some interest and was very much in keeping with the Corvair. On my family room wall in Michigan I have the copper proofing plate of this ad. Kind of an odd thing to hang on the wall but it goes fine with the several other old Chevy ad illustrations. I never tire looking at them. 

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