Sunday, February 17, 2008

'64 Chevrolet,Chevelle,Chevy II, Corvette, and Corvair Newspaper Ad

NOW FIVE KINDS OF CHEVROLETS FOR ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE. Another multi- car ad. Chevrolet most often wanted to show the whole product line in newspapers. At the time newspapers were the most visible way the the factory showed support for the dealers and the ads ran in various sizes depending on the size of the market. Getting five cars into a single situation and giving each good exposure presented quite a problem for the art directors. This situation is very straight ahead and does what it is supposed to do. But, there is not much room left to include the warmth we always wanted in Chevy ads. We were developing a nice relationship with America. More people were driving Chevy products than anything else. We had been using the same illustration technique for so long that the art in a Chevy newspaper ad was an identifying statement all by itself. When Ford, on occasion, used our art style, their ad was sometimes mistaken for one of ours. If any of you wonderful artists that did some of these ads are still out there please get in touch with me. I need help remembering who did what.

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