Wednesday, February 27, 2008

'66 Chevrolet Impala Newspaper Ad

'66 CHEVROLET JET-SMOOTHER IMPALA. Now! Come drive the year's hush hush new car. Jet-Smooth had been around for a long time and continued to be a theme for Chevrolet Impala. A straight ahead headline but on track with what we had been doing. The illustration was on track with previous illustrations we had been using but this kind of picture had pretty much run its course. You are not likely to see many more Chevy illustrations with the car on the American road like this. Too bad because we had developed a string of very talented artists to do this kind of stuff. Two things were happening--first, photography was becoming more important in newspaper advertising and second, ad content was changing from the story telling illustrations to more specific product advantages. You can see below in the " Chevrolet Way " series what was happening. Too bad, as this style had helped to take Chevrolet a long way toward being recognized as America's car. Wish I could remember the name of the artist.

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