Tuesday, February 26, 2008

'66 Caprice in-- The Chevrolet Way-- Newspaper Campaign

PUT YOUR FINGER OVER THE FIRST TWO LETTERS OF ITS NAME.--CAPRICE--(Now you know one of the nicest things this luxury car has going for it.)  What a great observation and idea by Bill Graefen. Bill was our copy supervisor on Chevrolet print advertising at the time but did a lot of the copy himself. He was most cooperative when I had the idea first and always wrote a good piece of copy for me. I liked his thinking and tried to do the layouts for his copy. It was a very nice association and we became good friends. I hope he might see this and give me a call. Later on he left us to become the creative director on Toyota in LA. Sure hated to see him go. The big copy under the car says ELEGANCE THE CHEVROLET WAY. The point was made over and over about what Chevrolet was selling--more car for the money. Years before this advertising, the thought was expressed as--for economical transportation. Both still true today.

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