Thursday, February 14, 2008

'64 Chevrolet Impala Magazine Ad

WHY YOU CAN GIVE IN TO THIS CONVERTIBLE WITH A CLEAR CONSCIENCE. This ad was made near Colorado Springs on what we called an experimental shoot. We had two photographers and a truckload of new Chevrolets. Warren Winstanley and I made this picture while George Kawamoto, the other photographer, and Art Abrosey made others. When we first arrived we spent a couple days looking for locations and picture ideas. Royal Gorge is nearby and while we didn't shoot there this time it served for a future location. This whole area is very nice or at least it was back in the '60s. While we drove around I saw this odd building with part of the roof very close to the ground. I could easily climb up on to the roof. What a place for a fellow to take his girl for a very secluded picnic. And we didn't need to see much of him to make the thing kind of suggestive and fun. We did need to see her in a nice reclining position. Once you have the idea for a picture like this it doesn't take long to make it. If we were doing it today a lot more attention would be given to the way the sheet metal looks. Car photography was fairly new at this time and we hadn't yet learned how to do as well as it is done now. Still, we had the benefit of realism and that little bit of romance and warmth we tried to put in every Chevy ad. 


64 Impala; The Impala Project said...

Nice work Jim. I have this ad too. I have about 500 old magazine ads from hundreds of magazines I ran across while cleaning out an old house, and this is one if my favorites. Of course, I like it for the car. No offense.

Carl King

Jim said...

500 old magazine ads! That's quite a collection. Not all car ads I'll bet. Some as I am sure you know are worth quite a bit. When we were making ads for Chevy nobody dreamed anyone would pay good money for an example torn from a magazine. I'll be posting lots more so stop by and see us now and then.