Monday, February 18, 2008

'64 Chevrolet-The Great Highway Performer Ad Series

THE GREAT HIGHWAY PERFORMER. '64 JET SMOOTH CHEVROLET. This is one of our really great illustrations using the two perspectives in one picture method of presenting Chevrolets on the American road. Jim Hastings, the gentleman that hired me, is responsible for developing this art style. Not just the style but the point of view about how to show Chevy products on American roads. I don't think many people understand what a terrific contribution this was to the success of Chevrolet newspaper ads. No other car company could compete with our ads because of the illustration technique. Jim developed artists in Detroit and the West Coast who could do this. It was not easy because the illustrations had to be done all in line. That is, every part of what would become the black printing plate in the newspaper had to be like a piece of type. The color and halftone part of the illustration was added later after the line drawing had been transfered to a clear cell. The cell was used to cover the halftone part of the illustration that had been painted on illustration board. It worked beautifully in newspapers of the day because they were nothing like the papers of today. The press often got a little out of register and when that happened our strong black plate saved the day--or better still the illustration. The technique was not used in magazines because in wasn't needed there, I am sorry that none of the Chevrolet newspaper ads have survived because they were truly examples of what great artists could do. Thanks, Jim Hastings.

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