Friday, February 1, 2008

1962 Corvair magazine ad

GOES AROUND PRETENDING IT HAS POWER STEERING. The headline and copy by Ray Clark. The photography is by Warren Winstanley and was done in Canada shortly after the Trans Canada Rally. David E. Davis Jr. is driving the car. If you have this ad it is one of 4 or 5 in the campaign. The picture of the Corvette at the bottom was shot back in Michigan. Ray Clark, the copy writer, is driving the car and the young lady with him is the daughter of then president of General Motors Ed Cole. I don't remember how we happened to use her as a model. The request probably came through our account group from on high. Who could refuse a request like that? She was a very lovely young lady and we picked her up at the Cole residence that was behind KIRK IN THE HILLS Church in Bloomfield Hills. We didn't take her far away to make the picture as it was shot on the road between her home and the church. For those of you who have this ad you now know some special things about it.

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