Friday, February 1, 2008

1962 Corvair ad for magazines

NEW FACE, SAME SPORTING HEART. Copy by Ray Clark. Ray is also driving the car. The picture was taken by Warren Winstanley and it was shot in some open country north of Detroit. It wasn't really a very rugged place but the car is in motion and really moving. Warren was in a station wagon with the tail gate down and kind of hanging there snapping pictures. It gave a good feeling of the car really moving on a not so great road. Ray also drove the Corvette at the bottom of the page. As you will see in all of the ads in this campaign we tried to create a relationship between the two pictures. Ray Clark took a job in Boston about a year after we completed these ads and quite a few more for Corvair. I wish I could contact him after all these years.He was a very fine creative guy, a pleasure to work with, and a friend.

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