Friday, February 1, 2008

1962 Corvair ad for magazines

BELIEVES THERE"S NO SUCH THING AS A BAD ROAD. Copy by Ray Clark and photography by Warren Winstanley. This was shot in some dunes near Lake St.Clare in Michigan and a long lens was used to give the dramatic effect of a steep and rough road. We helped the splash you can see by adding water as needed. The road was bad enough but I think we made it look intimidating. Ray Clark drove the car. There was no need for expensive models as they would have contributed nothing.We didn't break the car although it took some punishment in making the picture look real. Ray is driving the Corvette at the bottom of the page too. Warren Winstanley shot it also. This ad and the others in the series would have been better without the Corvette but our client wanted some exposure for the Corvette. It got the exposure but that's about all. Those in the market for a Corvair were probably not considering a Corvette. Nevertheless I think the ads were pretty good.

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