Monday, February 4, 2008

Corvette magazine ad

FAREWELL LACKLUSTER TRANSPORTATION. David E. Davis Jr. did the copy. If you have been looking at several of the ads David E. wrote you may be wondering why I keep calling him by his full name- David E. Davis Jr. Well, it's because that is the way he likes to see his name. We kind of grew up together in the business and he has always been a personality a little bigger than life. When I first met him he lived on North Frank Street in Birmingham MI and he was writing for some of the buff books but under the name N. Frank Street. So if you come upon old magazine stories by N. Frank Street you will know who really wrote them. I really liked working with him and we did some great things together. But back to this ad. Warren Winstanley did the photography and it was shot near the Detroit Metropolitan Beach. Controlling the parachute became a major problem as the wind was blowing off the lake at a pretty good clip. We shot a lot of film to make sure we had something that might work. At first we had the young lady in the car but the guy couldn't handle the chute so the lady really is helping him in the picture. We couldn't show our bald guy because he had to wear the head gear. You can find this ad in the April 1962 issue of Sports Car, Road and Track, and Car and Driver.

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